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How to Connect

To connect to our Grid / HyperGrid you need a viewer..
if you are new you can reade here what a viewer is..

Connection with our server step by step.
Op uw desktop / Windows, Mac of Linux staan de  viewer applications
You can download previously. if you have not already you can find it HERE.

The illustrations may differ from the viewer that you are using.

Step 1

Open the Viewer on your desktop.

Step 2

Top left you click on Vieuwer,
you get a list to see approximately the same as the picture here under.

Step 3

Click Preferences or (ctrl + p on windows) or (command + p on Mac)
there is a pop-up window opens approximately equal to the image of below.

Step 4

You choose in the left list for Opensim, the right-hand side of the screen will display other infomation again.
Approximately equal to the image of below

Step 5

In the field (Add new grid) you can enter a URL. it gives the following

And click Apply next to the Clear button

Step 6

You click on Apply at the bottom of your window Then will close the window.
Then you can login using the data you created previously
Note that in this state inloogen on: Log into Grid: Your2Live