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setting-up Grid Manager on local system

Install Grid Manager on local system

You need some software to set you local system to a local webserver
there are software packed can do this for you in single click,
we us in our examples xampp you can download it from :

thing are required in the installation are :
Apache, Php 7 or higer, Mysql, PhpMyAdmin

issues on your system can be : missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll
you can fix this by dowload the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015
Updated links to VC++ file:

For Windows 64-bit

For Windows 32-bit

when the installation is fitnest you get a out-of-the box webserver
if you starting up your favorite brouwer you can explore to the  follow address or by default.

or whats or video series  : spoken in to Dutche