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E-mail Settings

On the page E-mail Settings you can insert your email account what you use at home withe the test smtp settings you will know you setting up correctly when your host is al ready sent emails for example by external hosting providers you can leave this blank

Remote admin: Create new user

Create opensim remote user with Grid Manager system in a view clicks. on the page Remote admin: Create new user you can create new users by insert the following information : Firstname Lastname Email Password Start Region By default each user will start on 1000, 1000 if you have more than one region, you can set te start region for example on 1001, 999. if you have setting up your smtp client or your host can […]

Remote admin: Users

on the page  Remote admin: Users will contain all users you have created. you can  search in the input field in the action you have one simple button for get some more information about the user it self, if you click on it you will see even te password, it is saved as plain text !waring on-secure When you will delete the user! you delete it only from the database system not on open-simulator it self

Remote admin: Create region

On the page : Remote admin: Create region you can simple white a view mouse clicks create  a new region. if you have setting up you settings.. by your first region the listen port stay on 9000, change this to 9001 by setting up opensimulator it self it create all ready the first region on port 9000 the next region you wil create, te port will change to the next port for example 9002 or you […]

Remote admin: Region list

on the page Remote admin: Region list will contain all regions you have created You can search a specific region in the search input or sort by the table in the action you have two buttons one is for more information about the region. te delete button will only delete te region from the database, not from opensimulator it self, you must this do by your self.. !!

Remote admin: Regions settings

Listen ip You can define here an external host ip for setting up your region Remeber it if you want to save the region on your harddirve location (bin/region/your-regionname-region.ini) you need to define on yes. other whis you will lose your region Enable Voice if you will use your headset or mic you need define on Enable, by default is on Disable for Heightmap backup location or Oar backup location or Xml backup location : you can define […]

How to Connect

To connect to our Grid / HyperGrid you need a viewer.. if you are new you can reade here what a viewer is.. Connection with our server step by step. Op uw desktop / Windows, Mac of Linux staan de  viewer applications You can download previously. if you have not already you can find it HERE. The illustrations may differ from the viewer that you are using. Step 1 Open the Viewer on your desktop. […]

Download Viewer

Logging into the Grid. The easiest and fastest way to log into Your2Live us to use one of the viewers listed below. and follow the instructions on   Firestorm : The next generation viewers of The Phoenix Project Firestorm, Firestorm is based on the LL V3 LGPL code and provides extensive interface of adjustability including V1 skin options, function and option rich with 24/7 support. Download Firestorm (for opensim) Singularity : Kokua : […]